Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    The Effect of the Interaction of Biochar, Tetracycline, and Copper Metal on Some Soil Biochemical Properties    M.Sc.    seyedereyhaneh keshiknevisrazavi    1400/07/19
2    Investigation of the Distribution of Heavy Metals Cu, Cd, Ni, Pb and Zn in the Surface Soils around Ghaen Cement Factory    M.Sc.    Hadi Bahari    1400/03/26
3    Effect of Sewage Sludge on the Concentration of Cadmium, Lead, Copper, Zinc, Nickel, Chromium and Cobalt in Radish, Basil and Scallion Plants    M.Sc.    Maryam Nikghadami    1399/06/24
4    Cadmium sorption in the bentonite and nano-bentonite suspension in the presence of humic acid    M.Sc.    sara shahedi    1399/03/12
5    Efficiency evaluation of various organic and inorganic adsorbents for the lessening of available cadmium in soil    M.Sc.    fatemeh khorshidi    1398/11/28
6    Effect of Oxalic, Citric, Malic and Tartaric Acids on Phytoremediation of zinc by Maize    M.Sc.    azade mohazzab    1398/11/19
7    Evaluation of the effect of Humic Acid extracted from sugarcane by-products (filter cake) on phosphorus uptake in sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum)    Ph.D    hamidreza behravan    1398/11/15
8    Investigation of nano and micro-hydroxyapatite efficiency in cadmium immobilization and its environmental risk assessment in soil    Ph.D    zohreh farzanegan    1398/06/31
9    Effect of Polyacrylamide and Magnetite Nanoparticles in Control of Water Erosion, Runoff and Heavy Metals Mobility in Soil    Ph.D    Mohammad Reza Roshani Zarmehri    1397/11/30
10    Effect of phosphate containing Zn-Al LDH on soil phosphorus availability and its uptake by maize    Ph.D    Hadis Hatami    1397/09/19
11    Wheat response to different rates of selenium under cadmium and salinity stress    Ph.D    Basir Atarodi    1397/08/22
12    Influence of titanium dioxide nanoparticles in cadmium immobilization in soil and effect of ionic strength and humic acid in its efficiency    Ph.D    samaneh aryabod    1397/06/14
13    Effect of Citric Acid, NTA and APAM on Phytoremediation of Nickel by Maize and Sunflower    M.Sc.    elham mohebbinajmabadi    1397/05/14
14    Chemical Behavior of Coated and Non Coated ZnO Nanoparticles in Two Soils with different Amount of Organic Matter and Their Impact on Cucumber Biomass (Cucumis sativus L.)    Ph.D    sahar moghadasi brojeni    1397/02/11
15    The effect of potassium and sodium on clay dispersion, structural stability, mechanical resistance and some chemical soil properties    Ph.D    Elham Farahani    1396/12/09
16    Impact of residue management of wheat and sugarbeet on some soil properties and soil quality under field conditions    M.Sc.    ghoreyshi fatemeh    1396/08/10
17    : The Effect of Bentonit, Calcium chloride and Humic acid on Reducing the Sunburn, Cracking and Some Quantity and Quantitative Characteristics in Pomegranate Fruits    M.Sc.    katayoun khosravi    1396/06/28
18    Effects of earthworm density, washing substrate and time on chemical properties of vermicompost derived from cow manure    M.Sc.    Emad Hashemi Bidokhti    1395/11/30
19    The effect of chemical and organic amendments on improvement of physicochemical properties of a saline sodic soil, growth and chemical composotion of pistachio at field condition    Ph.D    Azam Razavi Nasab    1395/11/25
20    Effect of Cow Manure on Distribution of Chemical Forms of Cadmium in Soil in Corn Rhizosphere    M.Sc.    Faezeh Lotfi    1395/11/09
21    Compositional nutrients diagnosis and foliar application of calcium and zinc to cure boron toxicity in orange orchards in Kohgyloyeh and Boyrahmad province.    Ph.D    MohammadReza Chakerolhosseini    1395/10/08
22    The effects of Organic matter, Salinity, Zn (II) and Cu (II) on the adsorption of Tetracycline by Montmorilonite    M.Sc.    Ali Lotfi    1394/12/17
23    Effect of some conditioners on evaporation rate from the soil surface    M.Sc.    fatemeh shahraki    1394/12/05
24    Effect of humic acid on phosphorus movement in calcareous soils    M.Sc.    Hasan Mahmodi    1394/11/07
25    Effect of humic acid and pseudomonas on distribution and bioavailability of Cu and Zn in calcareous soil    M.Sc.    maryam momtazkari    1394/10/30
26    Monometal and competitive adsorption of Cd, Pb and Zn by humic and fulvic acids in a calcareous soil    M.Sc.    ehsanallah ghasemi    1394/06/31
27    Evaluation of TiO2 and Fe0 nanopaticles transport in soil under steady saturated condition by using Hydrus and MNM Models    Ph.D    mahmood fazeli    1394/06/25
28    Effect of Piriformospora indica and Glomus mosseae on cadmium uptake in corn    M.Sc.    atena monazam    1393/11/11
29    Effect Of humic acid and superabsorbent polymer on the growth and N, P and K uptake of maize under drought stress    M.Sc.    Maryam Rahmani asl    1393/07/15
30    Nitrogen fertilizer optimum management for different dryland wheat genotypes using 15N    Ph.D    Vali Feiziasl    1393/06/16
31    The effect of iron oxide nanoparticles on phosphorus fractions following wheat harvest in soil    M.Sc.    Salman Raouf    1393/01/31
32    Effects of different levels of urban solid waste compost, sewage sludge and iron chelate on iron availability of a calcareous soil, yield and yield components of Indian mustard    M.Sc.    alaaeddin alsaleh    1392/11/11
33    Effect of diatomite and organic matter on the removal of Pb from polluted soil    M.Sc.    faeghe zafarvahedian    1392/11/08
34    Evaluation of iron nanoparticles for the remediation of a heavy metals-contaminated soil    M.Sc.    fateme sabouri    1392/07/01
35    Effect of extracted and commercial Humic acid and indole acetic acid on growth and development green house straw berry in    M.Sc.    nafiseh dolatiyan shirvan    1392/06/25
36    Effects of compost and heavy metals application on urease and phosphatase Enzymes activity in two clay and sandy calcareous soils    M.Sc.    mona esmaeelzadeh farmad    1392/02/03
37    Effect of earthworms on Cd and Cu uptake in maize    M.Sc.    mina azizi    1391/03/02
38    Enhancing phosphorus availability with organic matter enriched phosphate sources    M.Sc.    sajad alipoor    1390/11/08